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Surgical Robotics

Surgical robotics are revolutionizing patient care, it offers the surgeon advantages over earlier types of ‘key hole surgery’. We are pushing the frontiers of medicine toward an incredible future. Mr Bhakhri is amongst the first surgeons in Europe to have completed an accredited Thoracic Robotic Surgery Fellowship and has a dedicated weekly robotic list.

He has developed techniques that allow the majority of his patients to benefit from this more precise and also gentler way of doing surgery, widening the applicability of this technology to a wide range of situations and conditions.

Treatments include


Surgical treatment of tumours of the lungs, thymus and mediastinum, chest wall


Pulmonary lobectomy and segmentectomy


Sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis (including highly selective sympathectomy)


Thoracic outlet syndrome and robotic 1st rib resection


Pneumothorax surgery 


Surgical treatment for endometriosis in the chest


Diaphragm plication.

1) Mediastinal Surgery

Robotic Centre for surgical treatment of Myesthenia Gravis

Mr Bhakhri is part of the National network of neuro-muscular disorders, in the programme that currently provides care for over 1000 patients within the UK, making it the largest centre in Europe.
Our program benefits from decisions made by a multi-disciplinary team that offers high quality comprehensive evaluations and treatment modalities.
Patients selected for surgery benefit from cutting edge robotic technology, which has revolutionised thymectomy surgery by offering an extended approach with minimally invasive techniques.

2) Lung cancer surgery

We have a dedicated clinical practice in diagnosing and treating patients with lung cancer, thymic malignancies, pulmonary metastases, mesothelioma and malignant surgical pathologies of the chest cavity.

Our multi-disciplinary team utilises the latest in cutting edge technology to diagnose and treat cancers of organs within the chest.

3) Pleural services

We deal with a diverse range of diseases involving the pleura, these include surgery for pneumothorax (collapsed lung), insertion of catheter for malignant pleural effusions.

Palliative Surgery for advanced mesothelioma to improve symptoms.

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